Tom Skibicki

Independent Consultant

Oyster Consulting creates simplicity in a complex environment.

Tom is a Senior Financial Services Operations Executive with deep, broad-based experience in correspondent clearing, product/process and client development, clearing conversions, budgetary strategic planning and operational excellence. He is a transformational leader recognized for creating a culture of high performance, client-focused, professional development and succession planning. Tom also is industry acknowledged for the implementation of creative and efficient operational solutions.


  • Provided guidance and advice with the pro-forma, RFP and selection process for a large regional broker dealer.
  • Led vendor evaluation, for advisors and broker-dealers, to identify “best in class clearing and processing solutions”. Provided recommendations based on business profile, services offered and cost analysis for clients considering conversions.
  • Counseled advisors and broker-dealers in the “thought” process needed to determine which clearing model best aligns with their business.
  • Directed the business unit responsible for client acquisition and conversion events of self-clearing and fully disclosed correspondent firms.
  • Shepherded broker-dealers through FINRA’s New Membership Application process.
  • Conducted risk assessments of “in-process’ conversion events to identify operational and service gaps, measure the impact of change and assess the operational readiness of the field, operational and management support groups.
  • Created a new brand strategy to promote awareness within the clearing space, developed a unique relationship model and implemented an intra-company communication plan to increase transparency.
  • Cultivated a team of conversion specialists and relationship managers to ensure all processes are implemented and documented throughout the onboarding process, including all aspects of operations, compliance, IT and training.
  • Led over 250 client integration projects for small to mid-sized broker-dealers.
  • Developed a new strategy and approach for the client integration process, which included a detailed plan and roadmap for each transition event and standardized transition and training practices.
  • Worked closely with firm management to conduct a strategic review of current products, services and technology. Made recommendations based on the services and technology available to implement “best in class” solutions for firm clients, advisors and support staff.
  • Interacted with internal compliance and FINRA representatives on the documentation required for onboarding events, ensuring compliance with all regulatory guidelines.
  • Managed the process and resources for Firm responses to requests for proposals for new business and contract renewals.
  • Directed and coordinated the departments responsible for the transfer of assets and services to alternative clearing platforms, ensuring efficient outcomes and continued servicing of accounts.
  • Spearheaded a solution for an industry problem of assets left behind by correspondents.
  • Created a best practices operational consulting service for correspondent firms.

Career Highlights

  • Senior Vice President, Director of Client Integration, First Clearing Correspondent Services
  • First Vice President, Business System Development Manager, Prudential Securities
  • Vice President, Operations, Prudential Securities