Oyster Solutions Consolidated Audit Trail Module

CAT reporting and CAIS reporting for broker-dealers.

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The Oyster Solutions CAT Module 

Manage your Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) reporting events, errors analysis and validation by aggregating trading and reporting data into one program.

The CAT reporting module allows rapid individual and bulk repairs that cannot be done through the FINRA CAT Portal. Graphic and sequential displays of data enable quick searching, sorting and filtering.

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Meet Your FINRA Reporting Obligations 

Oyster’s CAT Application consolidates CAT reporting events, error analysis and validation data into a central program. Our CAT Application will identify errors, linkage and gaps between your data and CAT reporting data.  Our application allows for individual and bulk repairs prior to the FINRA CAT Portal, a feature that increases efficiency.

  • Integrate – FINRA CAT reporting events integrated with error analysis and validation
  • Identify – View and identify errors and data gaps between vendor and CAT reported data
  • Intelligence – Quick searching, sort and filter functionality
  • Repair – Individual and bulk repairs prior to the FINRA CAT Portal
  • Report – Generate event and repair files for submission to the FINRA CAT reporting portal
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CAIS Platform Reporting Module 

The CAIS module can be used to view alternative investment platform reports and the underlying source data in a single platform.  This module allows firms to better prepare for full FINRA CAIS reporting through the Interim Reporting Obligation. This module uses a web-based GUI that provides firms with practical data so users can efficiently identify, monitor, and manage errors which may impact their report.

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Without the Oyster Consulting team and the tool that they designed for Consolidated Audit Trail reporting, our firm would not have been as prepared for CAT reporting and ahead of the process as we are. The tool has met all of our needs and the Oyster team is able to act quickly to make modifications if necessary. 

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