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Developing a strategy for the future requires an objective view of your firm today

Using our extensive industry experience, Oyster Consulting has designed and planned dozens of future operating models for a variety of firms. Oyster provides an independent view of your firm that includes a thorough understanding of your firm’s current state, business model, growth objectives, platform functionality, culture and challenges.

Our team shares their decades of experience in the industry so you can achieve the best possible outcome.

The Oyster Difference

Our practitioners bring industry experience and C-Suite perspectives from all areas of the industry. We provide industry intelligence and comparable benchmarks by which your firm can be measured, and decisions can be made to move your firm forward. 

Why It’s Important

Engaging an outside consulting firm to provide a current state assessment helps you pioneer new paths.  By prioritizing challenges and embracing change, your firm can rise to meet the challenges of an evolving industry. 

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Future Operating Model Services

Gathering and confirming your firm’s profile information which reflects current state of key metrics and data

Overview of the firm 

Confirmation of your firm’s business plan, growth objectives, products offered (both today and future), firm core values/priorities, current platform functionality, current gaps/opportunities, etc.; all serving to better define and document your desired end state operating model 

Competitive landscape and benchmarks 

Recommendations and best practice alternatives for consideration 

High-level risk and opportunities analysis