Jeff Call

Independent Consultant, CEO, Devyze

Oyster Consulting creates simplicity in a complex environment.

With a successful career in technology systems development, Jeff’s range of experience has given him solid foundation of business operations know-how and an understanding of what is required to successfully deliver technology solutions.  Jeff worked for over 15 years at SunGard, most of that time as VP of Technology and CTO.  Jeff currently is CEO of Devyze and Managing Director of Oyster Solutions.


  • Created Layers Platform for rapid development of enterprise applications in financial services industry
  • Managed Product and QA teams (35 U.S. resources and 25 offshore resources)
  • Oversaw Infrastructure and Technical Support and Implementation teams (25 resources)
  • Jointly architected virtualized hosting environment to support SaaS product delivery model
  • Developed 3 new products and expanded Synapse tool to support both Java and .NET client installations
  • Migrated Synapse from C++ to Java and expanded into Rapid Application Development Tool
  • Developed compliance surveillance product now used by most of the top tier insurance companies
  • Created Synapse Rules Engine still used today across multiple products and hundreds of enterprises
  • Moved onsite to Texas and developed product Cross-Seller for USAA using Synapse
  • Implemented government financial mainframe computer system for the State of Utah
  • Programmed, executed system tests, tuned production environment, and trained users
  • Technology Manager: Tools, Product Development, Client Implementation, Client Service, Infrastructure, Architecture, Security, Quality Assurance
  • Languages / Tools: Java, C#, C++, VB, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, COBOL, Rule Engines
  • Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Sybase IQ, MySQL, DB2
  • Web Platforms: Java EE (WebSphere, JBoss), ASP .NET MVC and Web Forms
  • Infrastructure: Private Cloud, Virtualization Platform running over 500 VMs, Various SAN technologies, Load Balancers, FTP servers, Disaster Recovery Sites, Business Continuity Plans
  • Big Data: Architected product that captures and stores over a billion of rows daily and analyzes millions of transactions using scalable multi-server, multi-threaded processes
  • Globalization: Developed global products with clients throughout Europe and Asia. Launched original team in India (has grown from 3 to 50 employees)

Career Highlights

  • CEO – Devyze
  • CTO, VP Technology, Technical Product Manager – SunGard
  • Team Lead – Sterling Wentworth
  • Programmer – American Management Systems

Publications & Presentations