Outsourcing Solutions for Broker-Dealers and Registered Investment Advisors

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Harness the expertise of Oyster’s outsourced consultants for your compliance, operations or finance functions and focus on your core business.

Addressing Complex Challenges

Navigating the regulatory landscape while managing day-to-day operations can be daunting. Our outsourced consultants alleviate the burden by providing expert services tailored to your firm’s specific compliance needs. From regulatory filings to testing, our Outsourced Chief Compliance Officers will help your firm stay compliant and competitive.

Our Supervisory Principals hold the licenses needed to meet your Supervision requirements.  Our team includes consultants who hold FINRA series 87 to conduct Research Review.

Oyster’s FINOP team will provide guidance on net capital compliance and file regulatory reports such as the FOCUS report, Custody filing and SIPC 6 and 7, as required.

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Comprehensive Compliance and Finance Solutions

Oyster offers a wide range of outsourced compliance and finance services, including Outsourced CCO (Chief Compliance Officer) and FINOP (Financial and Operational Principal) services. Experienced compliance consultants ensure that your compliance program is reasonable, cost-effective, and aligned with regulatory requirements.  Our multi-disciplined teams provide you the scale and support that creates a competitive advantage with end-to-end service.

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Outsourced Services

Optimizing growth, embracing change while maintaining balance is important to all firms in today’s challenging environment. We’ll help you pioneer and prioritize your firm goals.

The Oyster Difference

Oyster Consulting is a trusted partner in the industry due to our extensive experience and commitment to excellence. Our consultants bring decades of experience across various sectors. This extensive background enables us to provide innovative solutions tailored to your unique needs. We prioritize client satisfaction and strive to exceed expectations in every engagement.

At Oyster, we go beyond conventional outsourcing by offering personalized service and unwavering support. We are invested in your success. We provide guidance and strategic insights to help you achieve your business goals. With Oyster as your outsourcing partner, you can confidently navigate regulatory challenges and focus on driving growth and innovation.

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Finding The Right Vendor

Firms often find that vendors fail to add value and become a source of frustration rather than support.


Industry Experts

Utilizing Oyster Consulting’s experienced and knowledgeable consultants transforms your vendors into valuable resources.


Overall Growth

Our consultants have specialized skills to help your firm achieve its business goals, growth objectives and maintain a system of reasonable compliance.

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Regardless of the subject, they had the experts to consult with us and provided a detailed analysis of the situation and various alternatives to consider.

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