Our Clients


Oyster Consulting understands the complexity of running a broker-dealer. We provide tailored, beginning-to-end services, from registration and growing your firm to succession planning.

How Oyster Helps Broker-Dealers

Exchanges / ATS

From designing and registering your exchange to providing compliance outsourcing and support, we are the partner for you.

How Oyster Helps Exchanges / ATS

Investment Advisors

Whether you are starting your business or need a re-boot as the industry changes, we will help you define your practice and provide solutions to help you through all phases of your business, from registration to succession planning.

How Oyster Helps Investment Advisors

Law Firms

We are the experts you are looking for. Oyster Consulting offers law firms access to experts in a variety of topics. We are the compliance experts your clients need when starting an Investment Advisor or Broker-Dealer.

How Oyster Helps Law Firms

Additional Clients

Oyster Consulting serves a variety of clients, including hedge funds, private equity firms, insurance companies and trust companies.

How Oyster Helps Additional Clients