Law Firms

Oyster Consulting offers our law firm clients access to experts in a variety of topics. We recognize that the best organizations make decisions with representation from key areas including finance, operations, compliance, risk, technology, trading and marketing. We form our points of view in the same way. Diversified experience and backgrounds help us approach each assignment with a unique perspective.

Additional services for law firms include:

  • Regulatory Response
  • Registration of New Firms
  • Discovery Analysis
  • Strategy
  • Expert review and analysis of claims and defense
  • Litigation support
  • Evidence Review

Our team is made up of experienced industry practitioners, not career consultants. This helps us offer practical advice and perspective. To learn more about Oyster’s services, please review the following services and call us at (804) 965-5400 or contact us online.

* Notwithstanding that Oyster personnel may be licensed attorneys, Oyster does not offer legal services and does not purport to replace the services provided by legal counsel.