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A Modern Compliance Program Platform Developed By Compliance Professionals

Modern regulatory compliance demands a robust compliance program to meet the demands of today’s compliance environment. With the Planner module, your firm has tools to efficiently plan, perform, test, and document your work. Documentation such as attestations and audit logs are easily accessible and your compliance calendar easily viewable. The Oyster Solutions Planning module incorporates assigned tasks, a compliance calendar and scheduling in one convenient location. Our role-based permissions allow for visibility by responsibility, assigned task and supervision to guarantee efficient compliance program management.

Oyster Solutions operationalizes the requirements of governance, risk and compliance programs. Take your compliance to the next level with a system designed by industry professionals. Our intuitive and comprehensive compliance software integrates regulatory requirements, firm policies and appropriate controls to streamline your compliance function. While your end users will love the ease of use, you will have access to robust reporting for oversight and surveillance.


Compliance Tools

Ditch the spreadsheets and focus on your team

No more spreadsheets or multiple calendars to coordinate people and assignments when working or documenting your compliance program.  With Oyster Solutions, you get an enhanced calendar that schedules compliance workflows, notifies users of tasks and guides employees step-by-step through the process. Stay on track by setting reminders if workflows are coming due. Leverage our dashboards to easily monitor the health of your compliance program.

Choose from our menu of integrated compliance workflows to hit the ground running.  Easily configure workflows to enforce the procedures and controls outlined in your policies with our compliance workflow software. The compliance calendar tool effortlessly moves tasks through the approval process with built-in automation. With Oyster Solutions, your compliance is automated, accessible and organized.

A Compliance Tool Developed By Compliance Professionals



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Oyster Solutions will take the compliance program to the next level and provide me as CCO with time to focus on developing more strategic goals for the program and better serve my internal clients

– Current Client

Learn how Oyster Solutions creates a modern, effective compliance program that protects your firm and provides value.