Steve Hubbard


Our clients are able to leverage the Oyster team’s incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, built over many years in many different parts of the financial services industry. Having access to this incredible resource helps me make sure that we find the best solutions to whatever problems our clients face.

Steve Hubbard is a financial services industry professional with over 35 years of experience, including 26 years in brokerage. He has extensive experience in all aspects of client reporting, advisor and client-facing systems, and advisory products and their delivery. Prior to becoming a consultant, Steve served as Director of Client Reporting for Wells Fargo Advisors, where he developed strategy and directed the development of client reporting systems. In a previous role as the COO of advisory products at WFA, he had responsibility for all of the operations and technology, and led complex merger integrations of managed money programs and client systems. Steve brings a unique understanding of how theory, strategy and practice converge, and of how systems and technology impact clients and financial advisors.


  • Deep knowledge of all aspects of client reporting, including Performance Reporting, Client Statements, Confirmations and other client communications
  • In an evolving role beginning as senior manager, was responsible for all technology, operations and business reporting related to the advisory business within a large brokerage firm, including portfolio management systems and mutual fund wrap trading
  • Oversaw statement redesign and firm-wide paperless strategy, successfully running many campaigns that significantly increased online adoption and saved in excess of $30MM a year
  • Developed strategy, successfully promoted business cases and directed development of several in-house client reporting systems, ranging from mass-market to High Net Worth. Also sourced and implemented several vendor solutions for High Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth advisors and clients. Experience with both waterfall and Agile development
  • Led multiple large-scale, complex merger integrations of managed money programs and systems and client reporting systems
  • Multi-million-dollar vendor contract negotiation, including TAMPs and software providers
  • Worked closely with functional supervisors and managers to understand and improve current operations and acted as project manager for large scale and mission critical projects

Career Highlights

  • Director of Client Reporting –Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Chief Operating Officer of Client Strategy Group (Advisory) ̶  Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Manager, Business Analysis, Client Strategy Group ̶ Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Business Analyst / Project Manager ̶ Wheat First Butcher Singer
  • Business Analyst ̶ Bank of America (NationsBank and predecessors)
  • Operations Manager ̶ Bank of America (NationsBank and predecessors)