Mary Catherine Wilck-Pond


Consulting offers me the opportunity to help our clients achieve and maintain the appropriate level of regulatory controls for their business.

Mary Catherine brings almost 30 years of brokerage operations management experience to her role as a Director at Oyster Consulting. Mary Catherine has worked with many of Oyster’s clients, varying in size from regional to national firms. Her engagement experience has included reviews and recommendations for operational process improvements, managing enhanced due diligence/know your customer Anti-Money Laundering (AML) teams and performing Rule 3120/3130 and independent AML program testing. She began her career in the Credit/Margin department of a regional broker-dealer firm and her role grew to include various supervisory and management positions in many operational areas of a national financial firm. Mary Catherine was also responsible for coordinating a business continuity recovery plan for several departments of a national firm.


  • Evaluates and tests firms’ supervisory controls under Rule 3120 requirements
  • Conducts independent testing of firms’ AML programs to ensure the effectiveness of policies and procedures as required by the Bank Secrecy Act and the USA PATRIOT Act
  • Performs designated third party testing for a firm’s electronic storage media as required by Rule 17a-4
  • Manages the daily processing of a firm’s AML team responsible for EDD and CDC Negative News Alerts and Politically Exposed Persons Alerts
  • Performs reviews of firms’ operational processes to ensure consistency with written policies and procedures
  • Reviews firm’s low-priced/penny stock transaction flow relative to AML controls (specifically KYC/CIP and EDD) and written procedures

Career Highlights

  • Senior Vice President, Account Services, Wachovia Securities
  • Credit/Margin Manager, Wachovia Securities
  • Cash Management and Securities Processing Supervisor, Wheat First Union Securities
  • Dividends and Reorganization Supervisor, Wheat First Securities
  • Credit/Margin Team Lead, Wheat First Securities