Cat DePasquale, CRCP

Senior Consultant

My clients appreciate my expertise and the advantage of having a team of experts when needed.

Cathleen is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Professional and brings over 30 years of extensive securities industry expertise to her role as Senior Consultant at Oyster. Her career includes serving a combined 20 years as Chief Compliance Officer of public and private financial services institutions, managing and directing the AML, compliance, controls and risks of various businesses in the financial services industry. It also includes over 10 years of sales/management in other retail businesses. Cathleen held Municipal Principal responsibilities at three financial services institutions for a combined 12 years, and supervised options business at six institutions as either their Senior Registered Option Principal or their Compliance Registered Option Principal for a combined 15 years. She served on the FINRA Committee that created the Operations Professional Series 99 and is a frequent panelist/facilitator at industry conferences, regional and national meetings. Cathleen is well prepared to serve as an expert witness for financial services institutions, having testified as the company representative for three financial services institutions in 15 arbitrations. To remain prepared for paid board service she is trained in SOX requirements and served on the Financial Women’s Association Directorships & Corporate Governance Committee.


  • Currently serving as Supervisory Analyst of Research Analysts, Supervisor for a bank, SROP and Municipal Principal/Supervisor for a FINRA registered broker-dealer
  • Worked on a Sungard Phase III Conversion for a global broker-dealer’s Private Shares Business
  • Previously served as FINOP, CCO, Sales/Trading Desk Supervisor, CROP/SROP, compliance/exam support and Expert Witness
  • Worked on a BroadRidge back office conversion for a top tier wealth management broker-dealer
  • Worked with an international capital markets firm to review, recommend and implement enhancements for the entire compliance program and served as their municipal principal
  • As Chief Compliance and AML Officer of a national financial services company, had responsibility for Operations Control, Account Services, Core Clearing, Operations Administration, Stock Loan, Stock/Option Plans, Foreign Exchange, Futures, Order Room, Outsourcing and Payment/Deposit Services
  • Responsible for the critical areas of the Business Controls Group including legal referrals, compliance and regulatory issues, documentation, vetting of clients, data security and integrity, process controls and improvements as managing director for a global investment bank/investment advisor/brokerage firm with futures/securities trading including Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, DPPs, REITs, Variable Products, Municipal Products, Fixed Income MBS/CMOs and Limited Partnerships
  • Trained in SOX requirements and serving on the Financial Women’s Association Directorships & Corporate Governance Committee to remain prepared for paid board service
  • During the implementation of the PATRIOT Act created an AML Program for a global clearing firm
  • As the Vice President/Regulatory Director of an OTC Market Maker worked with technology to reverse engineer NASD Report Cards and create exception reports for the supervisors to minimize disciplinary actions
  • Managed the office administration for a boutique investment banking broker-dealer. Handled all compliance and legal issues for IPO sales and trading operation for a global investment bank
  • Responsible for all compliance and legal issues for investment advisor group, investment banking, operations, research, sales, and trading for a global financial services firm
  • Software skills include ACT Reporting, ADP, Bloomberg Analytic, BRASS, BRIO, D-Base, Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Office, and Nasdaq Level II

Career Highlights

  • Chief Compliance Officer/Senior Director/AML Compliance Officer, E*TRADE Clearing
  • Managing Director/Senior Registered Option Principal/Chief Vetting Officer, Bear Stearns Securities Corp
  • Chief Compliance Officer/Municipal Principal/Senior Registered Option Principal, Fleet Securities Inc.
  • Vice President/ Regulatory Director of Fleet Trading Division, Fleet Securities Inc.
  • First VP/Director of Compliance/Executive Committee of Management/Municipal Principal/Compliance Registered Option Principal, ROBB PECK McCOOEY Clearing and Specialist Corporations
  • President/CCO/Municipal Principal/ Compliance Registered Option Principal, State Capital Markets Inc.
  • Chief Compliance Officer/Compliance Registered Option Principal, Robert Todd, Inc.
  • Sales/Marketing Representative, GovPX
  • Corporate Vice President – Regional Compliance Manager, Lehman Brothers

Publications & Presentations