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Modernize Your Compliance Program

Every day your Compliance team’s job gets harder. New regulations as well as expanding data and technology capabilities are forcing your firm to move faster to stay compliant. To protect your firm and your clients, your team needs modern compliance management software.  Compliance software will streamline your tasks, document your work, enforce controls and can integrate your policies and procedures to reduce the burden of compliance management.

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Empower your team with comprehensive compliance

Today’s industry demands an efficient and effective compliance program.  Oyster Solutions’ powerful integration and automation provide the surveillance tools your firm needs, accurate supervision and the reporting structure that regulators demand, all while giving your employees a streamlined, easy to follow experience.

Dashboards and Reporting

Easy to understand reports and dashboards let you focus on the information you need to prioritize your work and keep the team on track.  Comprehensive reporting functionality let’s you know which workflows and tasks are on track to keep your projects organized and moving.  Risk reports visualize which of your firm’s risks have sufficient controls, and are tailored to your firm’s lines of business, products and risk tolerance.

How Oyster Solutions Solves

For Leadership

Overview access and surveillance at your fingertips, or drill down to view a specific workflow, survey or user. Score, Prioritize and Integrate your firm’s risk tolerance with tailored risk assessments that measure performance of the control versus actual risk. Maintain Books and Records compliance with documentation that is centralized. Trade exceptions, based on your firm’s policies, are segmented and presented for supervision review, saving time and effort while reducing error. We integrate your policies with procedural workflows for efficient and seamless regulatory compliance.

For Compliance Professionals

Automated reminders keep employees on track. Easy reporting tracks every step of compliance to ensure that you and your team are efficient and well-informed.  Testing and documentation are scheduled and maintained in one system, eliminating multiple files and individual spreadsheets.  Oyster Solutions allows you to easily track and collect attestations and certifications, with robust reporting for oversight and surveillance.

For Users

Frictionless Compliance for all employees.  In our permissions-based platform, users are presented with the correct level of information and visibility.  Employees have a consolidated view of easy-to-understand tasks and a calendar to track progress.  Easy policy review and entry of attestations, OBAs, business gifts, entertainment and political contributions help submissions move smoothly throughout the approval process, and exceptions are documented and tracked effortlessly.  Automated workflow triggers based on select actions reduce employee application frustration.

Our Security Commitment

Oyster Solutions is committed to the security of our customers and their data. As a cloud-based company entrusted with some of our customers’ most valuable data, we are focused on keeping you and your data safe. Oyster Consulting and Oyster Solutions undergo periodic penetration testing and encrypts data at rest and in-transit. Our customers entrust sensitive data to our care. Keeping customer data safe is our priority. Oyster Consulting utilizes a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model in which security is a shared responsibility among Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oyster Solutions and our customers. Oyster Solutions leverages AWS as our cloud infrastructure provider to deliver a service that is highly available, scalable, and secure. AWS is responsible for physical facilities, hardware, networking, and virtualization platform security. Oyster Solutions uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for secure and resilient hosting of staging and production environments. Oyster Solutions leverages multiple availability zones to redundantly store customer data. AWS data centers are monitored by 24×7 security, biometric scanning, video surveillance and are continuously certified across a variety of global security and compliance frameworks.

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