Oyster Solutions has you covered – even before the trade happens

The Oyster Solutions platform is working for you before trades occur.  With our Fund Analyzer tool, pre-trade evaluation is simplified and in one place.  Through alignment with your client’s investment profile, reps select share class options that are the right fit, each time.

The Right Options for Your Clients

Pre-trade tools help to ensure your reps select the low-cost/high return share class options. Oyster Solutions helps identify funds that align with your client’s investment profile to select the right fit at the best price.

The Selection Wizard

The Oyster Solutions Selection Wizard helps you identify funds by multiple factors, including objective, equity sector, fixed income type, risk and maturity. The Selection Wizard then uses the clients time horizon, portfolio holdings, and account type to find the appropriate share class when displaying the prioritized results of your search. Documentation of compliance with Reg BI can be achieved by using the reports from the Oyster Solutions Fund Analyzer.


They have shown themselves to be nothing short of excellent partners who strive to provide the utmost level of customer service to us.

– Current Client

Learn how Oyster Solutions creates a modern, effective compliance program that protects your firm and provides value.


Our Process

Step 01


Integrate data, policies and procedures

Step 02


Map data, policies and procedures to regulations, products, business lines, policy owners

Step 03


Define and measure risk, determine frequency of testing

Step 04


Configure workflows to achieve efficient, consistent results

Step 05


Manage through reporting and transactional monitoring processes