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Confidently tackle GRC compliance requirements for your firm.

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GRC Governance Simplified 

The Oyster Solutions platform was created to help firms like yours operationalize the requirements of your governance, risk and compliance programs. GRC tools allow firms to manage and integrate policies, assess risk, enforce procedures, control user access and streamline processes. This module helps you define and quantify your risk, matching risk to your controls and monitoring process. Oyster Solutions keeps your business and controls balanced while meeting your regulatory requirements.


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GRC Solutions That Are Easy to Use 

Oyster Solutions’ powerful integration tools bring your policies, requirements, procedural steps, documentation and reporting together in the Govern module. You’ll be able to map your policies and controls to regulatory requirements. This allows you to present them to the end user in a concise, easy-to-understand format, increasing adoption while mitigating risk. Oversight and surveillance are built into templated workflows.

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A GRC Platform That Clarifies Processes 

Policies and procedures are the workhorses of compliance programs. Regulatory oversight requires controls and procedures to be administered consistently and documented.  Your team will find that by using Oyster Solutions, the answers and processes that they need are easy to find, follow and understand.

Users are presented with the portions of policies that they need to perform their job, without providing information that is extraneous or irrelevant. Your users will not have to hunt for forms, policies or procedural steps, making compliance with firm policy frictionless.

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Easy-to-Use GRC Risk Management Solutions 

When faced with increased costs, reduced workforce and increasing regulation, how are compliance teams supposed to keep up?  With an efficient, effective GRC software platform, compliance burdens ease. Repetitive tasks, testing, documentation and questions are streamlined and addressed organically.

Our platform walks your users through the process of compliance in a simple and easy-to-follow program, while housing the complexity of your controls. Present your end users with a simplified experience. We’ve built complexity into the powerful workflow engine. We relieve the pressure of compliance.

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A GRC System Your Team Won’t Hate 

We don’t guarantee that your employees will love compliance, but our GRC software can increase adoption, streamline processes, and provide supervision and surveillance tools.  Your employees can search for policies, launch process workflows, request exceptions, monitor the status of requests and provide documentation all from one platform.  Meanwhile, compliance gets a tool to house testing, compliance calendars, document work performed, and schedule required regulatory requirements.

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“Oyster Solutions will take the compliance program to the next level and provide me as CCO with time to focus on developing more strategic goals for the program and better serve my internal clients.”

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Learn how Oyster Solutions creates a modern, effective compliance program that protects your firm and provides value.