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Andy has 30 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to working at Oyster, Andy served as Regional Chief Counsel in FINRA’s South Region, and prior to that was associated with Dechert LLP, an international law firm with a specialty in financial services. Andy’s most recent experience at Oyster has included engagements as an expert witness in both federal, civil and criminal litigation, as well as in a FINRA arbitration. Andy has also been retained as a compliance consultant for a regional broker-dealer.  His experience at FINRA included negotiation and litigation of a wide variety of regulatory matters, drafting and review of FINRA rule proposals, and coordinating with representatives from several regulatory entities at the state and federal level. At Dechert LLP, Andrew was involved in the firm’s securities, banking, mutual fund and insurance practices.


  • At Oyster, engaged as an expert witness in cases involving debt mark-ups, fraud, supervision, FINRA membership standards, and suitability standards for complex debt products.
  • Engaged to review broker-dealer operations and supervisory procedures
  • At FINRA, coordinated with investigative staff on a wide variety of exams; supervised preparation of cases for approval; conducted settlement negotiations with firms and their counsel
  • Supervised preparation of cases for litigation through the appeal process
  • Participated in drafting and review of FINRA rule proposals resulting in FINRA Rule 2330 (Variable Suitability Rule)
  • Represented the Department of Enforcement in formal disciplinary actions against broker-dealers and associated persons
  • Worked with many FINRA departments including the general counsel’s office, Member Regulation, Market Regulation, Advertising, investment companies, and media relations
  • Worked with representatives from state securities and insurance regulators, the SEC, MSRB and federal and state law enforcement agencies
  • At Dechert LLP, drafted offering documents and agreements for mutual funds
  • Coordinated with international banking clients on drafting agreements for use in the U.S.
  • Participated in a team of lawyers handling a backlog of NYSE Enforcement
  • Frequent speaker and panelist at industry conferences, including such topics as variable annuities, AML, bank broker-dealers, fixed-income securities regulation and day trading regulation

Career Highlights

  • Associate Vice President, Regional Chief Counsel, Regional Enforcement Attorney, Financial Regulatory Industry Authority (FINRA)
  • Associate Attorney, Dechert LLP (formerly Dechert Price & Rhoads)

Education, Accolades and Industry Commitments

  • J.D., Catholic University of America
  • Admitted to the District of Columbia Bar
  • M.A., St. John’s College
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow, St. John’s College
  • B.A., Catholic University of America

Publications and Presentations

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The SECS 2017 Priorities: What They Are and What Compliance Professionals Need to Know– NSCP Currents, February, 2017

Since 2000, Andy has conducted numerous seminars on compliance topics, including variable products regulation, anti-money laundering and vulnerable adult investor abuses, to industry groups and regulators, including ALI-ABA, LIMRA, ACLI, NASAA, FINRA, and SEC compliance presentations. Beginning in 2000, annually taught FINRA Institute one-day course in sales practices and supervision involving variable insurance products.  From 2011 -2014, taught course entitled “Variable Annuity Boot Camp” at the annual Insured Retirement Institute compliance meeting.