The SEC’s 2023 Exam Priorities Are Out – Start Preparing Now

By Ed Wegener

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While there isn’t much of a departure from previous years’ priorities, this year’s report reflects an increased focus on recently adopted rules, including Rule 206(4)-1 (the Marketing Rule), Rule 18f-4 (the Derivatives Rule), Regulation Best Interest and Rule 2a-5, (the Fair Valuation rule). 

The Commission will continue to prioritize compliance with standards of conduct for broker-dealers and registered investment advisors (RIAs). Exams may focus on:

  • Investment advice and recommendations with regard to products, investment strategies, and account types.
  • Disclosures made to investors include all material facts relating to the conflicts of interest associated with the advice and recommendations.
  • Processes for making best interest evaluations, including those for reviewing reasonably available alternatives, evaluating costs and risks, and identifying and addressing conflicts of interest.
  • Factors considered in light of the investor’s investment profile, including investment goals and account characteristics.
  • Whether conflicts of interest disclosures are sufficient such that a client can provide informed consent to the conflict, whether express or implied.
  • Advice or recommendations regarding complex products, high cost and illiquid products, proprietary products, unconventional strategies that purport to address rising interest rates and microcap securities.
  • Recommendations to certain senior investors and those saving for retirement.
  • Specific account recommendations, such as retirement account rollovers and 529 plans.

Other areas of focus will include Reg BI, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, and emerging markets.

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