David Williams

Managing Director, Head of Business Development

Working at Oyster Consulting allows me to share the experience and knowledge I have accumulated over the last 40 years to help firms be more successful and profitable.

David Williams is responsible for the leading the firm’s growth strategy. Specifically, David’s team collaborates with broker-dealers and RIAs whose needs match with Oyster’s expertise.  The  goal is to implement solutions that result in successful outcomes. David also works with major platform providers and large institutions on strategic initiatives including current state assessment, future operating model, clearing, platform evaluations and succession planning.

Career Highlights

David has over 40 years of financial services industry experience, having worked closely with all types of financial entities, including large retail brokerage firms, independent firms (W2 & 1099 models) and banks. Additionally, he has knowledge of the major platforms encompassing both the self-clearing and fully-disclosed models; the technology, trading and operations components of each; and their financial arrangements. Through his many years in executive roles supervising sales, operations, on-boarding and platform conversions, David has developed extensive, trusted relationships throughout the industry. Additional expertise includes vendor assessment and selection; custody and clearing firm evaluation; fully-disclosed clearing agreements and financial models; mergers & acquisitions and growth initiatives.


  • Economic, Legal and Regulatory Considerations for Transitions and Exits Mintz Webinar, December 6, 2023