Your Form ADV – Beyond Checking the Box

By Oyster Consulting LLC

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Additionally, Reg BI requires that firms file Form CRS.  The SEC has said that to answer some parts of Form CRS, you may link to other places where the relevant information resides, and a lot of that information is already in your ADV part 2A brochure.  Even if you don’t take advantage of your new ability to link, it’s very important to make sure your CRS and your ADV Part 2A are consistent.

Your form ADV 1A and 2A are more than a matter of checking the box – you are telling the SEC who you are and what your business looks like.  They use the boxes you check in ADV 1A to evaluate your business and determine the risks you pose to the marketplace- so accuracy is critical.  Avoid some of the common mistakes in your ADV by:

  1. Getting input from your portfolio managers, traders, operations and sales teams to make sure that the disclosures “are true and do not omit any material facts.”
  2. Scheduling time to complete the task. The ADV is an easy thing to set aside for another day when other urgent matters arise, but it is also an extremely important task, and you should give it the time it deserves.
  3. When in doubt, include it. A summary of material changes must be sent to each client, as well as an offer to provide the full ADV2A. If you have any doubt as to whether something could be perceived material, put it in there. Even well-crafted ADVs can get picked apart by regulators and litigators, and it is expensive to go through the process to prove you were right.
  4. Use “will” instead of “may.” Even when “may” is the accurate term, it can lead to findings in an exam or worse.
  1. Make sure you can document your Assets Under Management (AUM) calculations and be sure that they are consistent between Forms ADV1 and ADV2A.“Clients” may be counted as either individual accounts or as households, but the way clients are counted must be consistent across all filings.

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