Envestnet | MoneyGuide and Oyster Consulting Collaborate to Help More Firms, Advisors Offer Financial Planning Services

By Oyster Consulting LLC

moneyguide paraplanner

Envestnet | MoneyGuide today announced a partnership with Oyster Consulting to offer paraplanning services to mutual clients. The collaboration aims to empower more financial advisors to cost-effectively initiate, scale and deepen financial planning relationships with clients.

“More than ever, clients are leaning on advisors to provide peace of mind and holistic advice in addition to portfolio strategies,” said Tony Leal, President of Envestnet | MoneyGuide. “For advisors who already offer financial planning services, the financial plan proves its value again and again during these types of conversations. Our partnership with Oyster Consulting can enable more firms – especially those that haven’t traditionally offered planning, and/or those that worried about the time it may take for their advisors to create plans themselves – to offer end-investor clients the financial plan they deserve in the most cost-effective way.”

The partnership with Oyster Consulting, a firm that offers clients comprehensive consulting, outsourcing and software solutions, further supports MoneyGuide’s mission to provide quality financial plans to everyone. A recent study by Kehrer Bielan found that household planning penetration increased nearly 60% for firms that offered a hybrid approach of supplementing advisors with a centralized planning team.

“Oyster’s Consultants are knowledgeable professionals; and thanks to this collaboration, our paraplanners are certified on MoneyGuide’s innovative financial planning tools and solutions,” said Buddy Doyle, Founding Principal, CEO and Managing Director of Oyster Consulting. “Oyster Consulting was founded to help our clients achieve their best outcomes. A solid understanding of a client with a good plan to turn goals into reality is the best way to be successful. Now, our MoneyGuide-trained paraplanners can deliver financial planning support that helps our clients offer that same approach to their own clients as well.”

Ahead of the launch of this first-time offering of its kind, Oyster paraplanners attended MoneyGuide’s Foundational Bootcamp and underwent further, extensive training on MoneyGuide’s financial planning tools. Once paraplanners complete the training, they will collaborate with advisors in a non-client facing capacity, helping them to complete and best optimize MoneyGuide’s financial plan for individual clients from within the software.

We are experts with planning tools so you don’t have to be. We will produce your plans more efficiently. Our consultants can help you utilize your planning tools to your best advantage so you can grow your business. For more information about Oyster’s paraplanning services, click here or call (804) 965-5400.