Planning Services


Planning Services

Advisors spend a significant amount of time mastering, integrating and changing their planning tools and software, as well as producing plans and reports for their clients.  Oyster Consulting offers the following planning services so you can spend more time growing your business:

Plan Building:

Our professionals will gather, organize and review your data, review plan assumptions, input information, develop and review a targeted plan, and create reports. We help you better understand your clients’ wants and needs, aligning existing plans with their future needs.  We can also help you produce plans more quickly and efficiently, and provide deep MoneyGuidePro expertise.

Advisor Mentoring:

Oyster professionals have extensive expertise and can work closely with Advisors to help them with the complexities that exist in Advisor Planning Tools. This will help Advisors produce plans more quickly and efficiently, allowing them to spend more time growing their business.

Planning Software Review and Selection: 

When your firm is faced with scalability and efficiency challenges or the focus and philosophy of the firm changes, it may be time to change or upgrade antiquated or under-sized systems.  Oyster can provide a proven framework for assessing your needs, gathering requirements, preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and scoring the responses.

Plan Transition Support:

Our consultants provide their change management expertise to help you transition between planning products. We can help you move to and navigate new Retirement Planning Software so you can spend more time creating plans  and growing your business.


Planning software is extremely complex and the learning curve is steep, so having a team that includes industry experts that have helped Advisors put together thousands of plans brings tremendous value to our clients. Oyster’s experienced team can help Advisory firms with building plans, managing a transition to new software, software election and Advisor mentoring.

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