David Marky

Associate Director

As a Consultant I leverage my experience as an operations and compliance executive to provide Oyster’s clients with practical and effective business solutions supported by risk-based compliance best practices.

David Marky has 35 years of experience providing compliance and operations leadership to investment advisors and service providers that manage and support investment companies and other commingled investment products. Prior to joining Oyster, David was a Managing Partner, COO and CCO for Friess Associates, LLC where he developed the investment management firm’s regulatory compliance program and oversaw all aspects of financial and back-office operations. David began his career at PFPC Global Fund Services where he was responsible for new business conversions to its investment accounting platform and served as a Director of Fund Accounting and Administration.


  • Managing Partner, CCO and COO for a large asset manager.
  • CCO and Fund Officer to registered investment companies.
  • Developed and implemented compliance programs and the underlying policies and procedures for registered and unregistered funds, and separately managed accounts.
  • Created and implemented forensic tests to facilitate and support the annual review process and reporting to Boards of Directors and executive management.
  • Direct compliance and operations experience with AML, broker selection, Code of Ethics and personal trading, disclosure policies, investment portfolio guidelines and restriction monitoring, information and insider trading barriers, IPO allocation, privacy, proxy voting, registration filings, shareholder complaints, soft dollars and mixed-use calculations, trading activities and allocation, valuation and pricing, and trade errors and correction.
  • Leadership of investment advisor and sub-advisor best execution, fair valuation and pricing committees.
  • Quarterly sub-advisor compliance reporting to mutual series trust CCOs.
  • Management of SEC examinations of registered investment companies and investment advisors.
  • Managed the process of launching new registered investment companies and private fund offerings including the development of registration materials, prospectuses, SAIs and offering memorandums.
  • Oversaw the production of reports to shareholders and investors, statements and tax reporting documentation, including K-1s.
  • Managed the process of merging and closing registered investment companies.
  • Coordinated the process of selecting, evaluating and performing annual due diligence on third-party service providers for registered investment companies, trading applications and other services.
  • Client and service provider relationship management including the review, negotiation and termination of investment advisory and service level agreements and contracts.
  • Management of new business, firm integration and trade order management system conversions.
  • Member of due diligence teams for acquisitions and production of materials and presentation to acquiring business due diligence teams.