Now is an exciting time to become a Designated Contract Market and/or a Derivatives Clearing Organization by the CFTC, but both options are complex tasks governed by a multitude of regulatory requirements. Oyster provides assistance to its clients in all aspects of operating a DCM or DCO, from registration application to personnel training.


Oyster’s DCM and DCO services include:

  • Preparation of Rulebooks
  • Implementation of disruptive trading practices including policies and procedures.
  • Personnel training and Continuing Education
  • AML compliance policies and procedures

The Oyster Difference:   Oyster consultants are familiar with both traditional and non-traditional products and markets including binary options, bitcoins and single stock futures, enabling them to help your firm successfully navigate the changing and complex regulatory environment. Oyster can help you recruit executives, and choose software and service providers to help you serve your clients. Oyster understands that each firm’s objectives and strategies are unique when it comes to registration; Oyster can customize policies and procedures to fit each firm’s business lines, personnel and resources. We are flexible, and will work with your timelines and tailor our services to accommodate your needs. After you firm’s registration, Oyster has many talented and qualified consultants who can serve as your permanent or temporary CCO, FINOP and more.