Hedge Fund Registration

Check ListStarting a Hedge Fund is a complex task governed by a multitude of regulatory requirements. Oyster provides assistance in all aspects of starting and running a hedge fund, including the initial registration with the SEC and various states. Oyster’s hedge fund registration services include:

  • Key Person Interviews
  • Code of Ethics Development
  • Drafting the ADV Part 1
  • Creating the ADV Part 2
  • Registration of Individuals
  • Compliance Policies and Procedures

The Oyster Difference

Prior to beginning registration, Oyster can help you weigh your options and benefits in opening a hedge fund versus an investment advisor or even a broker-dealer. Oyster does not have a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach to registration; we customize manuals and policies and procedures to fit each firm’s business lines, personnel and resources. Oyster is flexible; we will work with your timelines and tailor our services to accommodate your needs. After registration, Oyster has many talented and qualified consultants who can serve as your permanent or temporary Chief Compliance Officer or simply continue to provide you with compliance support and guidance.