Written Supervisory Procedures

Thorough and robust Written Supervisory Procedure (WSP) manuals are at the heart of every good compliance program. WSPs can keep your firm safe from regulatory scrutiny and provide your firm and its employees with a road map to navigate the regulatory rules and obligations. Oyster can draft WSPs for a newly-created broker-dealer or investment advisor, or assist your firm in reviewing and updating existing documents to match business practices and regulatory changes.  Oyster will:

Continuing Membership
  • Conduct an initial review of WSPs against regulatory requirements and all existing Policies and Procedures of the firm
  • Interview key staff to determine processes and compare to the WSPs
  • Create a review of processes that may need adjustment
  • Create a draft copy of revised WSPs
  • Vet policies through key personnel and incorporate changes
  • Detail changes to WSPs that could affect other policy manuals
  • Draft firm-appropriate and custom communications of changes

The Oyster Difference

Oyster will not only update your firm’s WSPs based on regulatory changes, but will also conduct a deep dive into your firm’s practices and procedures. We will make sure your WSPs match actual business practices, as well as provide best practice solutions based on your unique business model.