Business Continuity Planning

An effective business continuity plan (BCP) is vital to make sure your firm can provide core services during a crisis. It is not just a regulatory requirement, but an important part of protecting your business and maintaining customer loyalty. Too often, firms take a technology-based approach to business continuity planning, rather than determining how to provide the important services to clients during different scenarios. With Oyster’s assistance, a BCP can be created that:

Two young guys working in a grunge office, a crisis concept
  • Is tailored to your firm’s needs to minimize cost and enhance effectiveness
  • Is aligned with Industry Best Practices
  • Will better prepare you to manage and recover from unexpected, high-impact events such as key person dependencies, natural disasters/weather events, office accessibility, and technology outages
  • Prioritizes activities that mitigate common business disruptions
  • Will allow you to continue to run and protect your firm during a crisis

The Oyster Difference

Oyster professionals have first-hand experience as firm leaders in business continuity management, BCP design, development and implementation, incident/event management, technology infrastructure resilience and recovery, and operations management. Oyster understands how to help identify and prioritize “mission critical” activities and further mitigate the impacts of business disruptions. Our solutions are practical and tailored to your firm’s business model.