Marketing Review

Marketing platforms and distribution methodologies change rapidly. Oyster can help you quickly and efficiently review your marketing materials

Minimize Your Risk

Oyster is a valuable resource. We stay on top of the latest regulatory interpretations and enforcements, and provide you with the knowledge we’ve gained through working with regulators and clients across the industry.
We help make sure you are staying
within the regulatory boundaries.

Save Time

Oyster will assess your policies, procedures, workflows and approval processes, and provide workflow and record keeping platforms through Oyster Solutions. We recommend best practices for efficiency and compliance. Oyster’s licensed consultants can act as an outsource,
allowing you to focus on other tasks.

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In January 2021 the SEC began taking an enhanced approach to Environmental Social and Governance (“ESG”) investing. Since then, the SEC has issued no less than five announcements addressing a range of issues including reviews of public company disclosure of ESG issues, adding ESG reviews to their 2021 Examination Priorities and the creation of a… READ MORE

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The Securities and Exchange Commission released its final version of the modernized Marketing Rule under the Investment Advisors Act on December 22, 2020.