Insurance Services

Employee TradingEvery firm wants to present its clients with the best possible options in the most efficient manner. Whether you’re considering adding insurance products to your portfolio, evaluating ways to service your customers more efficiently, or ensuring that all the appropriate policies and procedures are meeting regulatory requirements, Oyster can provide you with a variety of insurance services:

  • Insurance Products
    • Provide you with insight and perspective to help meet your business need, based on our experience with Annuities, Life Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance products
    • Perform product due diligence and suitability reviews.
  • Insurance Product Marketing and Distribution Expertise
    • Assist in making the right product choice, based on our consultants’ existing relationships with product issuers
    • Review, assess, and make recommendations for your marketing and sales practice policies and procedures.
    • Provide practice management advice to increase agent productivity.
    • Create and facilitate insurance networking arrangements.
    • Recommend advertising and marketing strategies to improve your market penetration.
  • Insurance Compliance and Oversight
    • Provide agent and agency licensing services
    • Address all suitability and replacement requirements
    • Perform firm advertising reviews
  • Insurance Operations
    • Assist with designing agency operations with the appropriate policies and procedures
    • Provide Best Practice advice designed to enhance productivity and efficiency

The Oyster Difference

Oyster will not only provide your firm with a written report of problem areas but will also identify best practices. When appropriate, we will work in conjunction with your in-house or outside counsel to maintain attorney client–privilege. Our consultants minimize surprises and will discuss the initial findings with you before issuing a final report. Should your firm need any improvements, Oyster can help you facilitate those changes through support staffing or by taking on the initiative entirely.