Executive Recruiting

Oyster is positioned to assist you with your search for talented executives. Oyster has an extensive network of experienced professionals and will provide unbiased recommendations.  We work with professionals from all walks and levels of the organization, from top executives to the skill positions.

Oyster will provide:

Personal development (personal growth), success, progress and potential concepts. Woman coach (human resources officer, supervisor) in background supervise businessman growth.
  • Identification of the key candidates with proven track records
  • Background checks
  • Analysis of the “pros and cons” of each candidate as to how they will fit into your organization
  • Assistance with onboarding and continued support by the Oyster network
  • Compensation negotiation

The Oyster Difference

We bring a network of superior relationships. We know our candidates and have the trust and confidence that they will succeed. Our network includes the largest firms in the Financial Services industry to innovative entrepreneurs. Our approach is not a marketing-based approach, but a results-based approach.