Employee Trading

Employee TradingSEC Rule 204A-1 requires investment adviser and broker-dealer employees who are defined as “Access Persons” to report their personal securities transactions and holdings to the firm, enabling the firm to monitor for and prevent insider trading, front running, and other violations of securities rules. Your firm can outsource to Oyster Consulting the monitoring, review and trade approval for your employees’ personal trading. Oyster will provide the following employee personal trading review services:

  • Maintaining a list of firm and employee accounts
  • Maintenance, training and running of your software providers applications
  • Updates to systems based on Code of Ethics or other rule changes
  • Maintenance of the firm’s restricted list
  • Trade approvals
  • Processing of employees’ personal monthly brokerage statements
  • Quarterly and annual attestations, holdings audits and reports
  • New hire processing related to personal trading
  • Employee terminations
  • Software vendor selection support
  • Monitoring for insider trading and violations of the Code of Ethics

The Oyster Difference

Oyster Consultants have extensive experience with employee trading, enabling them to provide trade approvals, maintain your firm’s restricted list and retain documentation for any required regulatory exam. Oyster will also assist in providing examination support in this critical area.