Clearing Advisory Services

  • Are you getting the most out of your clearing partner?
  • Are your costs where they should be?
  • Are you looking to improve your service, technology and financial position?

The Straight path Whether you are looking to change from self-clearing to fully-disclosed (or vice-versa), exploring your clearing options or starting a broker-dealer, Oyster can assist with the assessment, analysis, vendor selection and conversion processes.  Our streamlined and tailored approach provides your firm with competitive intelligence, benchmarking, unbiased recommendations and best practices to help your firm manage the changes efficiently and effectively.

Not only can Oyster help you decide which clearing firm is right for you, we can also provide support to help your firm to successfully execute the conversion efficiently and cost-effectively.

Oyster also helps introducing firms realize greater value from their current clearing partners and can assist self-clearing firms in determining how to address technology challenges including mobility, CRMs, advisory tools, data management, cybersecurity and more.

The Oyster Difference

We work as an advisor to your executive leadership team. Our experience will help you find the optimum clearing model and service provider(s) best suited for your firm while ensuring alignment with strategy, growth objectives, service levels and budget.  Our consultants are seasoned experts who have been on both sides when it comes to clearing decisions, and can provide you with faster, better results.


“I know the quality of your work and the integrity
that is behind everything that you do.” ​

~CEO, Super Regional Broker-Dealer