Digital Asset Services

Digital assets and the distributed ledger technology behind them have the potential to completely change the way financial products are created, distributed, and traded.

Since Bitcoin was introduced in to the marketplace in 2008, the number of digital assets and the volume of transactions have increased at a breathtaking pace. Regulators and compliance professionals are working hard to apply rules and regulations designed for traditional assets to these exotic, evolving instruments.

Oyster Consulting can help firms view the opportunities and risks associated with digital assets from a strategic, operational, and compliance standpoint for the emerging digital asset industry and existing broker-dealers and RIAs:

Anti-Money LaunderingNew Product Review
Continuing Membership ApplicationPolicies and Procedures
Clearing / ReportingRegulation Best Interest
Custody Possession and ControlRisk Assessment
Form ADV/CTA AmendmentsSuitability
Market Access 15c3-5Reporting
Marketing ReviewTesting

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