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“I know the quality of your work and the integrity
that is behind everything that you do.” ​

~CEO, Super Regional Broker-Dealer




About Oyster Consulting

Oyster Consulting provides consulting outsourcing and software to financial services firms.  Experienced industry practitioners add more value than career consultants. The best financial services organizations in the world make decisions with the input of the strategic leaders, sales, operations, trading, technology, finance, compliance, risk and legal groups. Oyster consultants were leaders in these groups, and bring highly-integrated industry knowledge and in-depth expertise to help our clients start, protect, run, and grow their businesses.

Our Team

Our team of industry professionals brings over 1,000 years of combined experience to our clients. Skill sets range from Senior Executives (CEO, COO, CAO, CCO, CFO and Legal Counsel), to Program Managers, Developers, Department Managers, Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts.

Meeting Client Needs

Oyster Consulting believes in aligning our interests with our clients’ interests. We customize projects and engagements in ways that best meet our clients’ needs. Whether it’s a flat fee for support or using our services on an as-needed basis at an hourly rate, we will adjust to meet the firm’s budget process. We give our clients the ability to choose what works best for them with the option to change the level of support as the relationship progresses. At Oyster there are no cookie cutter, check-the-box projects or contracts. Oyster stands ready to create a customized program at a pricing option that works best for each client.

The Oyster Difference

The Oyster team includes many experienced and successful leaders that have run initiatives from your seat, facing the same obstacles. Oyster will provide best practices, the art of evaluating impact potential versus achievement risk, through a “client-to-back office” lens. Oyster’s primary goal is to ensure our clients have the knowledge and tools to manage their future. Our experience is invaluable. We want to establish a deep relationship with our clients.

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