New Podcast: Why Outsourcing Your Clearing Platform Assessment, Selection and Implementation Processes Makes Sense

growthWhether you are considering exploring your clearing options, changing from self-clearing to fully-disclosed (or vice-versa) or starting a broker-dealer, Oyster will help you make the best decisions with an assessment of your business, analysis to help drive decisions, and even walk you step-by-step through a vendor selection and conversion processes.

In this week’s episode of Oyster Stew, Part 3 of a 3, Managing Director Pete McAteer talks about why outsourcing the platform assessment, selection and implementation proccesses may be the right choice for your firm, and how Oyster Consulting is uniquely positioned to help.

For more information about our platform advisory services, listen to our previous podasts “Should You Be Assessing Your Clearing Platform,” and “Clearing Platform Selection and Implementation,” or click here for additional information.

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