Digital Asset Services

How can DLT be used in the process of compliance testing/monitoring and creating related documentation (such as quarterly compliance certifications from advisory firm employees or sub-advisers)?

Distributed Ledge Technology, or DLT can have many benefits over any sort of centralized recordkeeping system, due to the immutability of data.  While most think of the benefits in the financial world related to digital currency trading and streamlining payments processes, as well as more efficient investment trading, settling and recording, there are actually many… READ MORE

Are all digital assets frauds?

No…But regulators warn investors to approach any Initial Coin Offering “ICO” or Cryptocurrency related investment product with extreme caution

What are the due diligence questions unique to cryptocurrencies?

The question of fulfilling a regulatory obligation of due diligence on a cryptocurrency (not to be confused with an equity) is a webinar unto itself, but it surely goes beyond having a whitepaper. A top 10 list for most firms would likely include: What is the depth and breadth of experience and reputation of the… READ MORE

Getting Bank accounts seems to be an issue for companies dealing in virtual currencies. Some countries are considering introducing a new type of bank. What are your thoughts on this? Also, where do these businesses currently bank?

Fintech companies involved in blockchain or digital assets are still seen by many banks, especially large global banks, as too high a risk. However we have seen smaller banks like Silvergate Bank and Metropolitan Commercial Bank in the US offering banking services. Specialist banks are also forming like Blockchain Factory, part of Solarisbank in Germany… READ MORE