Trade Desk Review

Consulting with laptopsWith today’s new regulatory requirements, trade desk practices are constantly evolving. It is more important than ever for firms to have a fully-integrated approach to trade reporting (including migration to CAT reporting), procedures and controls, surveillance and oversight, best execution, market access controls, and control room functions.  Get ahead of your next regulatory exam, and ensure that you have the proper level of procedures and controls in place.  Our team of experienced professionals can guide you to the best approach for your business and ensure that your trade desk policies and procedures are efficient and compliant, no matter the product traded.

Included in the Oyster review are:

  • Full trade desk review of policies, procedures and processes
  • Review of procedures and systems used for surveillance of traders (Frontrunning, Cancel and Correct analysis, Risk, Position and Balance Limits, Short Sales, etc.)
  • Review of the oversight process and tools used to evaluate Best Execution
  • Review of market access controls, tools and supervisory procedures
  • Trade reporting process testing
  • Review of controls and oversight over technology changes that may impact OATS reporting
  • GAP analysis of reporting changes generated by CAT implementation
  • Review of Employee Trading, Political Contributions, Gifts and Entertainment, and Research/Restricted Lists

The Oyster Difference

Oyster’s consultants who specialize in Regulatory Reporting have on average over 20 years of experience working with a large variety of broker-dealer, clearing firm, and trade reporting platforms. They have the industry knowledge and practical business expertise to go above and beyond a simple compliance review of your firm.  Oyster has served major exchanges, broker-dealers, high frequency trading firms, and investment advisors with quality services.