Clearing Platform Advisory Services

We help you maximize
your most important
strategic relationship –
your clearing partnership.

We use the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from working with a wide variety of clients and vendors to give practical and cost-effective solutions.

Current State Assessment
Knowing what is happening in your
firm helps you make smart, strategic
decisions. Defining your goals
and needs puts you in a stronger
negotiating position to get the right
value from your clearing partner.

Vendor Selection and
Contract Review
Our consultants stay current with
major clearing firms and service
offerings. We use that knowledge
to help you find the right clearing
partner for your needs and budget.

Transition Support
Your team already has a full-time
job. With decades of experience
of managing broker-dealers, our
consultants ensure your firm
will be ready to operate on the
new platform. We provide
effective support, taking on
tasks so you can continue to do
your job with minimal disruption
while saving resources.

Platform Review
We stay current with platforms
used by a variety of clients.
Oyster can assess your entire
technology platform and make
recommendations to increase

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