Social Media

Having a thoughtful approach to social media can improve sales, create customer loyalty, and help with recruiting. In a rapidly changing technology environment, firms can find themselves unsure what steps to take to control the risk of social media and other forms of electronic interaction. Oyster can:Marketing Review

  • Review or develop policies and procedures
  • Provide insight into compliance and risk mitigation
  • Provide customized training
  • Evaluate technology solutions for archiving and supervision
  • Act as an outsource provider to review content

The Oyster Difference

Oyster Consulting is always adapting to the latest technology to make sure your policies and procedures are able to stand up to regulatory scrutiny. Oyster can provide insight into current risk and how to avoid or mitigate them. We provide custom training to make sure your team is fully aware of firm expectations. We can assist in identifying and implementing technology solutions that best fit a firm’s size and resources, and provide efficient and effective supervision that meets the requirements set out by the regulators.