Transparency and Strong Regulation Pay Off for Emerging Markets

On July 25 the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) was named the “African Regulator of the Year” at the 6th African Business Leadership Forum & Awards, held in London. The award, sponsored by African Leadership magazine, was given to the NSE for its effective regulatory policies and programs implemented across national, regional and international level. These… READ MORE

Under-performing Executives in a Regulatory Environment

Whether an executive breaches a firm’s code of ethics, has trouble dealing with subordinates or is simply not getting the job done, companies of all sizes at one point or another must resolve the issue of executives who appear unable to do their job effectively. The success of any financial services organization is integrally tied… READ MORE

Use Caution When Overriding System Controls

What’s Happening: Recently the SEC issued an action against a firm for violating the market access rule in connection with a trading incident that resulted in the erroneous executions of options contracts. The Market Access Rule (SEC Rule 15c3-5) requires broker-dealers with market access to establish, document and maintain a system of risk management controls… READ MORE