New Podcast: Retirement Planning Software – Selection & Implementation Considerations

As advisors build out their financial planning business, they gather a lot of data and over the years, the strategy of the firm can change. That may mean it’s a good time to change from a software application that’s more cash flow to one that’s more goal-oriented, or vice versa.  As a follow-up to last week’s high-level overview of the software selection process, Bill Davis offers the best approaches for advisors to take when selecting and implementing retirement plan software.

When your firm is faced with scalability and efficiency challenges or the focus and philosophy of the firm changes, it may be time to change or upgrade antiquated or under-sized systems.  Oyster can provide a proven framework for assessing your needs, gathering requirements, preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP) and scoring the responses.  Our consultants provide their change management expertise to help you transition between planning products. We can help you move to and navigate new Retirement Planning Software so you can spend more time creating plans  and growing your business.