New Podcast: Resolving Operational Issues Uncovered During Acquisitions and Transformations

operationsTrying to resolve issues and improve operational efficiency by aligning people and technology can lead to unexpected problems and mixed results. Whether your firm leadership wants to evaluate how the firm is running, the firm has recently undergone a merger or acquisition or is experiencing errors, losses or attrition, an Operational Assessment can increase efficiency, save your firm time and even improve your internal and external client and corporate experience.  ​

In this week’s episode of our Oyster Stew podcast, Oyster Associate Director MJ Phillips discusses a variety of operational issues that can be uncovered during a merger, acquisition or transformation, and how outsourcing an operations specialist to preform an operational assessment can help resolve the issues to make firms more efficient and enhance their client service.

Creating Operational efficiency is not only about cutting costs, but developing processes and procedures to deliver consistent quality customer service. Oyster’s experts have decades of industry experience and can quickly assess through thoughtful questions and a skillful review the areas of your firm’s Operations that should be a priority. Oyster will sequence our recommendations to reduce risk and maximize your return on investment.