New Podcast Episode: Oyster Solutions Software – Making Your Annual Compliance Calendar and Review More Efficient


In this week’s episode of Oyster Stew, Managing Director Polly Cordle and Consultant Gray Houghton share how Oyster Solutions Software can make managing your compliance calendar and Annual Review processes easier and more efficient using workflows and automated reporting.

Oyster Solutions is one “solution” for many systems: 

  • A system to track various workflows and processes across multiple departments.
  • Advertising submission tracking including teaching your employees how to submit “compliant” pieces
  • A system that produces metrics and reporting dashboards for management to assess progress
  • Trade monitoring and best interest alert system to advise when portfolios fall out of line
  • System(s) for tracking employee attestations and training throughout the calendar year
  • A system to keep in line policies with procedures and ensure one doesn’t exist without the other

Oyster provides free resources such as podcasts and blogs, as well a team of consultants and software to help you organize and automate your compliance program.  Oyster Consulting has the knowledge and experience to support your efforts to achieve compliance.  To receive assistance with the implementation of your compliance program, or assistance in understand the impact of these priorities, please give us a call at (804) 965-5400 and our Relationship Managers will be happy to connect you with an Oyster expert.