Oyster Introduces Weekly “Oyster Stew” Podcast to Keep Industry Members Informed

Oyster Stew Podcast

Oyster Consulting invites you to listen to our weekly podcast
“Oyster Stew:  A Broth of Financial Commentary and Insight.”


Each week we will be posting a 15 – 20 minute discussion about what is happening in the industry based on what we see as we work with clients, regulators and other service providers. We hope you come away with the knowledge and tools to help you make the best decisions for your firm’s future and do it right the first time.

Recent Topics:

  • Reg BI – It’s Bigger Than You Might Think
  • Reg BI – Conflicts of Interest Obligation
  • Reg BI – The Care Obligation
  • Reg BI – The Disclosure Obligation


Listen to "Oyster Stew"

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