Looking Out for Baby Boomers: Are You Protecting Your Senior Clients and Your Firm?


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The U.S. population is aging – in January 2011, thousands of Baby Boomers began turning 65 every day.   FINRA’s new rules to increase protections for vulnerable investors and to provide firms with guidelines to ensure these protections take effect February 5, 2018.  Is your firm ready to handle the issues that come with having senior clients?

During our recent webinar on January 17, 2018, our panelists discussed:

  • The New Rules and State Regulations: We will discuss the new FINRA rule requirements, including disbursement holds where financial exploitation of a senior or vulnerable adult client is suspected and designation of a trusted contact person.
  • What Firms Should Be Doing Now: Learn about best practices and policies and procedures regarding trusted third party contacts, escalation and reporting requirements.
  • Preparing for New Rule Implementation: Help ensure your firm will be ready for the new FINRA rules to take effect.

Listen to the webinar here

Looking Out for the Baby Boomers:
Are You
Protecting Your Senior Clients and Your Firm? 

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