Oyster Publishes SEC Exam Priorities White Paper

simplicityOyster Consulting’s recent white paper SEC 2017 Exam Priorities White Paper (February, 2017) offers compliance professionals items to take into consideration for each topic addressed in the letter.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of these topics, please contact us.  Our consultants are experts in these areas and have the experience and perspective gained from working with hundreds of clients to help you efficiently and effectively run your firm. They have sat in your seat and faced the same obstacles and regulatory scrutiny. We can also provide you with compliance automation through our Oyster Solutions platform by integrating risk assessments, policies and procedures and testing programs that are aligned to how you do business.

Download the article:   SEC 2017 Exam Priorities White Paper

Learn more about the authors:

Buddy Doyle

Buddy Doyle, CEO

George Jennison2

George Jennison, President

Don Horwitz, Managing Director


Ann Griffith, Managing Director

Andy Favret1

Andrew Favret, Managing Director

Jill Bening

Jill Bening, Associate Director

Bill Reilly

Bill Reilly, Associate Director


Robert Tuch, Senior Consultant


Lance Whittemore, Senior Consultant

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