Corporate Training Doesn’t Have to be a Chore

I’ve done it.  You’ve done it.  Half the people in your office have done it.  You’ve sat down at your computer, logged into the year’s annual training and you promised yourself, “This time it will be different.  This time I will get something out of this training.”  Ten minutes later, you have adjusted the promise.  “I will not fall asleep during this training.”

How can we sit through a 30-minute newscast about things we have sometimes never heard of, but we can’t sit through 30 minutes of continuing education?  Because it is boring.  Most training pieces aren’t made by people from the industry.  The authors don’t take the time to get to know the business and the story behind the subject they are teaching. Instead, they regurgitate the rules, sometimes quoting long sections of them, or they drone on in a monotone voice reading words off a screen the reader could just as easily read themselves.  And somehow they equate quality to length so training modules can be over an hour long in some cases.

Just because training is required doesn’t mean it has to be a chore.  Firms can develop engaging training that actually gets across their message.  These are just a few things firms can do to make training more interesting and possibly even educational:

  • Customize! Don’t buy off-the-shelf training that is so generic in nature it doesn’t speak to anything about your firm.
  • Choose topics relevant to your people, not just topics that you think the regulators want you to talk about.
  • Talk through real world experiences either by reviewing applications of a new rule or by approaching a topic the way your employees would encounter it. Consider that we often talk about anti-money laundering red flags, but most don’t apply to every employee you have.  Consider talking to your employees about their role in the firm, not just a general high level discussion of a topic that doesn’t get to the heart of anything.
  • Force your learners to interact with the training, not just by clicking a next button or by completing a quiz at the end, but by putting in “games” and activities that help bring home the message.
  • Keep training short. When a learner reaches about 20 minutes in a training, they start to lose focus no matter how dedicated they are.

Annual training is probably never going to be something that people look forward to, but it can be engaging, educational, and even interesting if done right. Oyster’s training programs are not off-the-shelf products.  Each training module is customized to meet your firm’s unique needs and match your specific policies and procedures. Oyster can tailor training and knowledge checks to hone in on what’s most important to your firm while still covering the necessary material. Oyster can simply provide your firm with this customized training or administer the training live via the web or in person to allow your personnel the opportunity to ask questions and have meaningful discussions about the material.

For more information about Oyster Consulting’s training and education programs, complete our contact form or call 804.965.5400 and one of our Relationship Managers will be happy to assist you.