Oyster to Host Lunch Sessions on AML

Oyster - Komansky Legal Education lectureOyster Consulting (Bermuda) Ltd.’s Henry Komansky will be hosting a series of lunch and learn sessions dedicated to aspects of anti-money laundering audit processes, procedures and compliance during the next few months.  Henry will be focusing on the new requirement for all AML/ATF regulated firms to conduct an annual independent AML audit.

Oyster notes that this annual requirement must be met by a variety of entities including corporate service providers, trust companies, high-value dealers, a number of law and accountancy firms, and eventually real estate agents.

Topics for the lunch and learn sessions include:

— AML audit/sanctions: what are sanctions? With a focus on US, Britain and Bermuda programmes.

— AML audit/client monitoring: how do you monitor your clients? Discussions on some best practices in monitoring.

— AML audit DNFBPs: do Bermuda’s AML/ATF regulations apply to you?

— AML audit compliance programme: a discussion of how you can prove you have a working AML/ATF compliance programme.

The monthly sessions will be held at Oyster’s offices in Cumberland House, Victoria Street.

The first lunch and learn will be on September 7, between 12 noon and 1pm.

Space is limited. To book, contact: henry.komansky@oyster.bm or complete our contact form.

For more information on how Oyster can help your firm with its AML/ATF or other regulatory compliance needs, view our website or call us at 441.541.5036.