Under-performing Executives in a Regulatory Environment

Whether an executive breaches a firm’s code of ethics, has trouble dealing with subordinates or is simply not getting the job done, companies of all sizes at one point or another must resolve the issue of executives who appear unable to do their job effectively.

The success of any financial services organization is integrally tied to its leadership, which provides the firm’s competitive advantage needed in today’s marketplace. However, many leaders are challenged to both excel in a business environment coming under more and more scrutiny by regulatory bodies, while also motivating and managing their teams. This can leave an organization’s top talent stressed, isolated and under-performing.

What Your Firm Can Do:

  • Assess what factors in your firm’s structure, politics, and human resource framework might be contributing to an executive’s under-performance;
  • Determine how those factors could be improved;
  • Review your firm’s policies and procedures for handling under-performing executives;
  • Review your firm’s supervisory structure;
  • Review your firm’s human resources framework;
  • Provide executive coaching to increase effectiveness, endurance, and fulfillment on the job.

Executive coaches provide regular one-on-one meetings designed to achieve specific goals, with measurable action plans, in a fixed time frame. Common uses of executive coaching include successfully onboarding new managers, hires/promotions or transfers, developing influential leaders and deeper bench strength in the organization, and increasing career success and reducing workplace stress for key resources. Executive Coaching objectives and results frequently include:

  • Enhance people management skills and strategies
  • Communicate more clearly with subordinates, peers, bosses, and customers
  • Successfully navigate company politics
  • Executive presence that conveys confidence and commands respect as a leader
  • Effectively manage time and delegation

How Oyster Consulting Can Help:

Oyster Consulting’s Executive Coach is a confidential, experienced and credentialed resource that asks questions others may be too afraid to ask about a leader’s actions, assumptions, vision, mission, goals and strategies. While executing the plan, our clients receive the support and feedback needed to increase emotional intelligence, exercise strategic agility, apply innovative thinking, and leverage their unique, individual strengths.

by Danielle Crowley, PMP
Certified Executive Coach, International Coach Federation