Libby Hall Communications Analyst 804.521.6022 vCard

As a Communications Analyst, Libby is responsible for streamlining and maintaining consistent internal and external communications for Oyster. Throughout her more than seven years in the publishing industry, Libby’s roles included professional blogging, writing non-fiction articles, desktop publishing, copy editing, marketing, advertising, sales, distribution and administrative support. Libby began her career as a desktop publisher for The Heritage Foundation, and then moved to serve as the Publishing Assistant at The Bermudian Publishing Company in Hamilton, Bermuda.


  • Responsible for streamlining and enhancing internal and external communications to better serve Oyster’s clients and consultants
  • Maintains and expands internal communications using SharePoint
  • Maintains and expands external communications using Oyster’s website, social media, and marketing products
  • Writes and edits blogs for external website
  • Writes and coordinates press releases in the U.S. and Bermuda
  • Coordinates, develops and assists with production of internal training
  • Coordinated and assisted with development and implementation of websites for U.S. and Bermuda offices
  • Assists in further development of onboarding process
  • Edits and revises consultant deliverables as needed
  • Liaison for marketing and communications with Oyster (Bermuda) Ltd.
  • Tracks and maintains consultants’ conference and panel information
  • Assists with marketing materials and production as needed

Career Highlights

  • Desktop Publisher, The Heritage Foundation
  • Assistant Publisher, The Bermudian Publishing Company
  • Freelance writer, primarily producing for MEDARVA, Stony Point Surgery Center

Education, Accolades and Industry Commitments

  • B.A. English, Randolph-Macon College
  • Member, James River Writers